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3 Belt Zip Up Waist Trainer

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This waist trainer is very firm fitting but comfortable with extended front to cover full belly and core. Perfect to wear while working out, walking and running errands. Can be worn over or under clothes. Can also be worn up to 8 hrs per day.  Warning!!!!!!!! Be Prepared to sweat sweat sweat!!!!!

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The "Ultimate Sweat Machine" is what I like to call this one.



1. Material: Inter Layer:100% Neoprene, Outer Layer:100% Polyester.
2. Zipper closure has a small buckle on the top to reinforce it.
3. Two loops that facilitate the waist trimmer to be hung up for drying.
4. 10 steel bones to provide strong support on your back and waist.
5. The three adjustable belts to ensure a snug fit on your body.
6. 100% neoprene lining has good thermogenic results to make you, shed water weight.



  • Reduces belly fat and love handles
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Adjust straps to your intensity level
  • Doubles as postpartum shaper



  • Boosts thermal activity
  • Visible reduction of waistline
  • Firmed midsection



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